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Twaddle from start to finish
The weakest link ... negative view from the Indy
THE war is far from over, but the easy liberation of Kabul and the retreat of the Taliban is a massive vindication for the bombing campaign and a slap in the face for the doom-merchants and wobblers. Here MARTIN PHILLIPS and PAUL THOMPSON take a look at what they have been saying.

Guardian leader, November 8: "The bombing of Kabul and Kandahar has so far failed to topple the Taliban and may have strengthened its grip on broad southern and eastern swaths of the country."

New Statesman leader, October 29: "Bribery and guile are more effective than armadas of aircraft carriers. We do not see what a conventional air war, waged by the richest country on earth against one of the poorest, can achieve."

Richard Norton-Taylor, Guardian, November 13: Printed as the Taliban fled Kabul "If the Northern Alliance does take Kabul on, the battle is likely to be very bloody. The recent successes of the Northern Alliance are unsurprising but it will take more than carpet bombing to win southern Afghanistan."

The Mirror, October 18: Editorial, headlined Stop Bombs And Rescue The Starving. It said: "Aid agencies say we are facing the biggest humanitarian crisis ever. They want a brief break from the bombing so they might alleviate it. WE SAY YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM."

Off the mark ... The Guardian got it wrong yesterday

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MEP, October 30: "Mr Blair's speech supports an aimless war that does nothing to save lives or reduce the threat of terrorism."

Stephen Glover, Daily Mail, October 30: "Sometimes the Allies seem to be making up the script as they go along."

The Mirror, November 8: An article written by former Labour Chancellor Denis Healy was headlined: "The more we bomb the more Muslims will turn against us." He said: "Western action at present is bound to produce more Muslim terrorists...the international consequences of Western bombing are equally horrifying."

Nick Cohen, The Observer, October 14: "The bombing must stop...this war is a moral and political disaster."

The Mirror, November 12: "Is this endless bombing actually getting us anywhere nearer catching Osama bin Laden? Bunker bombs, smart bombs, cruise missiles you name it, the Allied forces are flinging it. But to what effect?"

New Statesman, September 24: Front page headline accompanying picture of President Bush: "The war he cannot win."

The Independent, September 19: The Review section contained an open letter written by dictator Saddam Hussein. The headline read Saddam Hussein: The United States is settling old scores.

Merchants of gloom ... bomb attack condemned

The Mirror, October 15: Columnist Tony Parsons in a full-page examination of the war with the headline: "Doh, what a clumsy war." He began by saying: "The war against terrorism isn't working the other side seem full of conviction while we in the West are jumping at shadows."

The Mirror, October 29: Front page article by former Mirror chief foreign correspondent John Pilger condemns the war. The front page headline reads: "This war is a fraud."

The Independent, October 29: Headline: "Another 13 civilians die in bungled bomb attack."

The Independent, October 25: Front page headline: "Families blown apart, infants dying. The terrible images of this 'just war'."

The Guardian, October 30: Front page headline: "Majority want bombing pause."

The Guardian, October 15: Page 3 headline: "Week of bombing leaves US further from peace, but no nearer to victory."

New Statesman, October 15: Headline: "Stop this Now!"

Shadow Defence Secretary Bernard Jenkin, November 1: "It is harder to watch the bombing and make a connection with the safety of our own lives."

Tam Dalyell, Labour MP, November 1: "The message we want to send out is simple stop the bombing...Recognise that bombing pleases one person above all others Osama bin Laden."

Calling for the war to stop ... Guardian front page

Mark Easton, Home Affairs Editor, Channel 4 News, email revealed in The Sun, November 1: "Channel Four News is urgently looking for people who feel increasingly uneasy about the conflict."

George Galloway, Labour MP, November 1: "More than half of the population of the country want the bombing to stop now so that humanitarian aid can be flooded in."

Paul Marsden, Labour MP, November 8, in Afghan refugee camp, Pakistan: "These people don't want us here. If we continue bombing we will not win hearts and minds. We will drive them into the arms of the terrorists."

Paul Routledge, The Mirror, October 19: "MPs who have put their names to a parliamentary motion calling for a halt to the bombing are to be congratulated."

Andrew Gilligan, Defence and Diplomatic correspondent, BBC Radio Four Today programme, November 3: "Mr Blair promises to 'put a trap around the Taliban regime', but how exactly?"

The Mirror, November 1: 50 days on from September 11, are we heading for another Vietnam?

The Mirror, November 9: Front Page headline: Stop the bombing. Pakistan tells Blair to halt for Ramadam.